IPVision provides security assessments services from physical site surveys for system design, to security operation assessments. Our security needs assessment reviews an organization’s infrastructure, processes and procedures to discover security needs. This proactive assessment uncovers threats, justifies costs and maps out multi-phased solutions.

Our security experts evaluate facility grounds, buildings, and existing physical security systems and processes to determine how well key assets are being protected. We also assess your security organization to determine how well they are prepared to detect, assess, and respond to incidents. Systems and processes evaluated during the safety and security program.



Evaluation may include:

  • Employee, guest, and vehicle access points
  • Electronic access control and metal detectors
  • Video surveillance (cameras, lighting, analytics, etc.)
  • Incident detection, assessment, and response systems
  • Incident management processes
  • Training and drills


  • Understand probable threats and likely targets
  • Gain insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your existing security program
  • Receive actionable recommendations to remediate high-priority gaps
  • Get a prioritized “hit list” that gives you the information you need to justify project budgets