IPVision provides enterprise class IP building automation solutions. From entry-level systems to complex integrated solutions, IPVision has the expertise in designing, implementing, and servicing IP building automation solutions that provide the ability to leverage existing building assets while simultaneously advancing these systems to the future. IP building automation solutions offers integration between numerous new, and existing, disparate systems and offers customized solutions to fit every business need.


Today’s facilities are equipped with a wide range of computerized Systems to control HVAC, energy management, lighting, and security. Integration and interoperability between all of these systems are critical to improving operations, lowering costs, and achieving the security and comfort demanded in today’s dynamic business environments. The challenge is to get these diverse systems that communicate using many different protocols to connect and converse with each other – and with the enterprise – so you can derive actionable intelligence from the information they contain.


Building Automation offering summary:


• Streamlines operations by integrating all building systems in the enterprise

• Reduces consumption and energy costs with analysis tools

• Provides knowledge of individual energy consumption patterns and trends

• Supports improved energy control and management

• Increases system and equipment functionality

• Improves facility operations

• Speeds maintenance and problem resolution

• Supports preventive maintenance

• Reduces equipment downtime